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Jim's recommended reading list

Welcome to my recommended reading and books pages. I am always being asked for recommendations for books, so here they are! Of course, I have to start with a shameless self-promotion for my own books.

You may purchase these books through Amazon's secure web site simply by clicking on the book title or picture. This will link you to Amazon. This page has general and technical books:


Order Exchange 2000 24Seven Exchange 2000 24seven by Jim McBee (that's me!!!)

This is the latest edition of the Exchange 24seven series. This book represents nearly a year of writing and research!



Order Exchange 2000 24Seven Secure Messaging with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 by Paul Robichaux

Paul understands messaging and security.  If you think your e-mail system is secure and that your e-mail is secure, think again.  This book was greatly anticipated by the Exchange community and has been very well received. It is a "must read" for any Exchange administrator concerned about security.


Order Exchange 2000 24Seven Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring by David Groth, Jim McBee, and David Barnett

Everything you ever wanted to know about cabling, but was afraid to ask!



Order Exchange Server 5.5 - 24 seven Exchange Server 5.5 24seven by Jim McBee 

This book is for people that are moving from basic Exchange administration to management of Exchange servers, customization, advanced security and troubleshooting. I started by querying many Exchange administrators to get an idea of the practices they employ to keep their Exchange systems up and running. I also incorporated as many customization tips and hints I could in the space allowed.  

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The only two magazines that I actually pay for are Windows 2000 Magazine and the Exchange Administrator news letter. These are great references. My Links page has links to some magazines that are free (free is always good!) and that you can subscribe to through the web.

I am now writing a monthly column for the .net Magazine. This magazine is monthly and always has great content. You can get a free subscription


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